Tehan Perera

Name :

Tehan Perera

Bio Data :

Born on April 10, 1991

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Personal Interests
*Sports like; Pro kart racing, cricket, badminton, etc.
*Watching movies.
*Hanging out with friends and family.

Baila/ Pop/ Rock’n’Roll/ R’n’B

Home town : Colombo


Personal background
The young, talented businessman, singer & video producer Tehan Perera was born on 10th April 1991. Being the eldest son of Terrence and Shanika Perera, Tehan has lived up to their dreams by becoming a talented figure and capturing many young hearts in Sri Lanka today. He has an equally talented younger sister, Shavinki Perera who is currently studying Mechatronics for her degree. His alma mater St. Peters College Colombo4 is proud to have produced such individuals to the society.

Tehan completed his degree in Video Production at the SAE Institute in Singapore, which has guided him to successfully direct many hit songs in Sri Lanka. He was also a member of the under 13 and under 17 cricket teams of St Peters College.

Business background
Tehan’s grandfather, Christy Perera was the founder of Uswatte Confectionery Works (PVT) Ltd, which has produced many mouth watering sweets to the country. Tehan’s father, Terrence Perera, a former director of Uswatte Confectionery Works, is now the chairman of his own company, Hello Family Products (PVT) Ltd. Tehan himself, inheriting his ancestors’ business background, is now a partner of his father’s business, Hello Family Products. Tehan also being a Video Director runs his own production company, Hello studio of audio & video production.

Tehan, in his young age has done many music videos for many leading artists in Sri Lanka. Some of these artists include Shihan mihiranga, Amila Nadeeshani & Raini Goonathilake.

Tehan’s music career
Tehan Perera began his music career at the age of sixteen in collaboration with Magic Box Mixup singing “Wherever You Are”, a song sung in remembrance of his late elder sister Sanushi Perera. After deciding to pursue a solo career, he released his first single “Jenny”, followed by “Kurulewa”, which was later used as the “clear & soft” jingle. His singing career then changed direction towards romance, as he released his first chart topper “Unuhuma”. Unuhuma was titled one of the best love songs, one of the greatest hits in Sri Lanka, and was no 1 in all leading charts, such as Sirasa rasa risi gee, derana music online & Swarnavahini Musix.

His career then progressed, as he released his first baila song, “Aggala Bole”, followed by “Hina Loketa Wela” and “Kusalane (The World Cup Song)”, paving the way for his debut album which was titled “Unuhuma”.

Tehan was then taken as the brand ambassador of prima kottu mee converting his “Aggala bole” song into an advertisement. As a result of his success, M entertainment signed an agreement with Tehan to do his debut album with them, making all his dreams come true.
This album became a great hit among young generation, which turned it into one of the best selling albums of the year 2009 and 2010.

Future plans
Tehan is currently working on his new music video.

Awards :

Tehan Perera’s “Loku Scene Epa” music video won 5 awards at the Derana Music Video Awards 2012. They are;
*Best VFX / Animations
*Best Editing
*Best Director
*Best Sri Lankan pop video
*Best Music video of the year 2012

Mobile Activation :

SMS : TEHAN and SMS to 2468

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