Senali Koshila Fonseka


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Senali Koshila Fonseka

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Senali Fonseka (18 September 1992) was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Her father, Upali Fonseka is an engineer and her mother Senani Fonseka is a housewife. She is the only child in her family. But having many cousins surrounding her, and being the youngest among them, she was growing up with lots of love and affection.

Senali completed her primary education at Vishaka Vidyalaya Colombo, until she turns to the age of 10, she moved abroad with her parents to United Kingdom where she completed her secondary school, and her higher education in Cambridge. Currently she is following her studies at a degree level in Bio Medical Stream in a University.

Being a niece of the queen of Sri Lankan Silver Screen Malani Fonseka, Senali has inherited the talent as it runs in her blood family. Many of her family members and relatives are the ambassadors, and shining stars with a pride in Sri Lankan film industry. When Senali first faced a camera, she was only 5 years old. Since then, she became a very well known face at her young age among a lot of people. After and onwards, the success and fame came finding her way, whilst she is appearing at Dancing Shows, Kids Tv programs at various channels and Tv dramas. One would think when she moved away from Sri Lanka, everything would have stopped. But for this young and aspirational girl, her talent never kept hidden any longer as she always started a new venture, one after another.

Even though being hundreds of miles away from her motherland, opportunities has never stopped approaching her. She has taken a part in several stage dramas conducted by the School Productions and Concerts in Cambridge. In further she was also selected as the Best Dancer among the top 10 students, who were chosen for their various talents at School Organised Talent Show in England. She won this title from votes of the audience as well as the appreciation of a judge board.

In her deep down charmingly talent full thoughts, Miss Fonseka has always wished to make her place in acting world one day. But all these success came her way finding unexpectedly with debuting the film Siri Parakum. A movie based on a historical story of a Sri Lankan King Parakramabahu. Her leading role as ‘Sirimal Ethana’ was an eye catching and remarkable part of the film among the audience, where the country started to fall for her smile, after even her very first film.
Following her saying that “Acting cannot be just a hobby, but it is far more than that”, She wishes to continue her studies in Biomedicine Science and also to persuade a career option on that.

She always mentions her parents, for their guidance given to her and blessings towards Senali’s success and future. Her believes are that her fans are the heart of her acting world, and being among them, having their love and appreciation is a best gift she had in her life.

Awards :

Lanka Live Awards 2014 – Most Popular Actress

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SMS: Send SENALI to 2468 USSD : *246#

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SMS: Send SENALI to 2468 USSD : *246#

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Car, House

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