Lahiru Perera

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Lahiru Perera

Bio Data :

Lahiru Perera ; born 18 April 1984 also known by his stage name La Signore is a Sri Lankan singer, musician and music producer who came to limelight with his 2008 breakthrough Hit single “Rambari”. He was born and raised in Kehelbaddara, Udugampola.

Single song tracks released :
1. “Manbandu Hadarandu” (Solo Track Version)
2. “Rambari” (Solo Track Version)
3. “Prima Koththu Mee Song” (Remaked Rambari version for the Prima commercial)
4. “Sudu gawuma – ft. Nathasha Perera” (Solo Track Version)
5. “Labandiye” (Solo Track Version)
6. “Paaren(Production for a film-Roopantharana)” (Solo Track Version)
7. “Rathu Ratakaju” (Solo Track Version)
8. “Desin Pe” (Solo Track Version)
9. “Ama Teledrama Theme Song” (Solo Track Version)
10. “Akka” (Solo Track Version)
11. “Mottu (Mathale Haduwa Mama Ge Thattu)” (Solo Track Version)
12. “Hawasaka ma” (Solo Track Version)
13. “Kessata Kos Ata” (Solo Track Version)
14. “Salli” (Solo Track Version)
15. “Rambari 2 remix(Produced for Derana Music Video awards)” (Solo Track Version – ft. Saranga Disasekera)
16. “Mata rawana” (Solo Track Version – 2016)
17. “China Tawuma” (Solo Track Version – 2017)

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